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  • July 8th 2007 11:18
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  • 12 icons.

12 icons:
1x Stargate SG-1
11x Stargate Atlantis

Do not hotlink, steal or manipulate. Feel free to take and use; please credit lauralaitaine or Laitaine.Net.

All except #6 were entries in Stargate Still, Stargate Hush, SGA Icontest, McShep Icontest or John &Rodney LIMS.

#5 won first place in Stargate Hush #88.
#7 won people's choice in John & Rodney LIMS #1.1.
#8 was the winner of the McShep #58 mini challenge and won best of month, may 2007.
#9 won second place in McShep #58.