About This Site

All you never wanted to know about this site and its history.


I've been making websites since 1999, with bits and bytes scattered all over the internet.  Fed up of ads or the continual hunt for adfree webspace, in December 2003, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some webspace.  Paid webspace is a joy!  Why on Earth did I wait so long?

At this point, I began to gather all my junk from across the web together and house them on one single site.  I also began to merge some of the individual sites into the whole, so I had one site for many fandoms instead of many small fandoms sites.  And then on July 19th 2004, after much deliberation of what domain name to take, I bought myself a domain name as well, and Laitaine.Net came into being.

My Photo Album remains as a separate site, as does my J/C site, Peace Rose, as it is substantial as a site in it's own right, instead of struggling to call itself anything at all with the odd fic and a few LJ icons.  I also host my J/C fanfiction contest Purple Comet here.

All of my pages are coded by hand in HMTL, CSS, PHP and MySQL; I'm completely self-taught.  A list of reference sites I use can be found on my links page and any external scripts are credited when used.  All pages validate as XHTML 1.0 Transistional and CSS 2.0.

Layout & Skins

My current layout is skinnable:

Angelic     Angelic
Added 9th July 2005.  Inspired by a trip to Rome, this skin uses the two little angels who sit at the bottom of Raphael's La Madonna Sistina.  I did a websearch for pictures and came up with millions, I don't remember which I ended up using.

Blossom     Big Damn Heroes
Added 19th December 2005.  My first Atlantis skin, featuring John Sheppard and Rodney McKay because they're hot and also dorky an I love them to bits.  All of the caps and the quote come from Atlantis 209 Aurora; "big damn heroes" is a shameless steal from Firefly 09 Safe.  The screen caps were from a set by oxoniensis.

Blossom     Blossom
Added 3rd January 2005.  The original colour scheme I came up with when I implemented my current layout.  It recently gained a shiny new header, the blossom pictures are mine and can be found at my Photo Album.

Blossom     Just That Good
Added 2nd September 2005.  This Orlando Bloom skin is heavily modified version of what was once my LJ layout.  I already had the pictures on my hard drive so I can't credit the source; that said, they probably came from orlando_daily.

One Last Thing     One Last Thing
Added 30th April 2005.  This Sam/Jack skin uses caps from SG-1 episode 713, Grace.  The caps came from Stargate Caps.

Picturesque     Picturesque
Added 3rd January 2005.  This skin uses a myriad of my own photographs and was originally made for my Photo Album, but I liked it so much that I added it as a skin for the main site as well.

Starlight     Starlight
Added 3rd January 2005.  This Janeway/Chakotay skin was originally made for my J/C site, Peace Rose, and is an evolution of the layout I've had for that site for the past few years.  Again, I liked it and so decided to add it as a skin for the main site as well.  Caps came from here, there and everywhere.

Host and Domain

My current host is HostDime.  I am incredibly pleased with them and would highly recommend them.  After having endless problems with my old host (never use Pinchpenny - ever), I was looking around for a new one, and HostDime came very highly recommended by a friend; I thought they looked good, better than most I found in my price range, so I went with it, and I'm so pleased I did.  As of March 2007, I've been here for a little over two years and have had no problems at all, it's all been smooth sailing.  My domain is also hosted at HostDime Domains.

Disclaimers and Copyrights

The website design, skins and graphics were made by me and are copyright © 1999-2007 Laitaine.

The photographs used in Blossom and Picturesque were taken by me and are copyright © 1999-2007 Laitaine.  Please refer to my photo album for information about using my photos.

Any recognisable fandom characters and pictures are not mine.  Not my toybox and not my toys.  In particular, Stargate SG-1 and all associated characters and places belong to MGM, Gekko, and DoubleSecret; Stargate: Atlantis and all recognisable characters and places are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions and the Sci-Fi Channel; and Star Trek Voyager and all characters and places belong to Paramount.  No infringement on copyrights was intended.  This site was made for entertainment and not for monetary gain.