Icons: Stargate SG-1

Icons: 25

All these icons are shareable; if you want to use some then you don't have to ask, just save what you like.  Please do not alter them, textless icons are not bases.

If you do use an icon then please credit me; either credit livejournal lauralaitaine or credit Laitaine or Laitaine.Net at http://www.laitaine.net/.

icon: michaelshanks01icon: rda01icon: sg1_betterthanthisicon: sg1_cam01icon: sg1_cam_hayicon: sg1_daniel_confusedicon: sg1_daniel_nicehaticon: sg1_fascinatingicon: sg1_graceicon: sg1_jack_abyssicon: sg1_jonas01icon: sg1_jonas02icon: sg1_onpurposeicon: sg1_reallyicon: sg1_sam01icon: sg1_samcam01icon: sg1_samcam02icon: sg1_sam_graceicon: sg1_sam_monochromeicon: sg1_silenceicon: sg1_sj_carpediemicon: sg1_solitudesicon: sg1_usualsuspectsicon: sg1_vala_01icon: sga_vala_02

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