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  • Astronomy (Astronomical)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics (Workings of Nature)
  • Theory of Evolution (Forms Most Beautiful)


  • Alan Rickman
  • Alex O'Loughlin
  • Colin Firth (Just As He Is)
  • David Hewlett
  • Hugh Grant (I Love Hugh)
  • Jason Isaacs
  • Joe Flanigan (Not So Average)
  • Johnny Depp
  • Michael J Fox (Always Looking Up)
  • Nathan Fillion (Superhero)
  • Orlando Bloom (Enamored)
  • Scott Caan
  • Sean Bean (Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby)
  • Tom Hanks (Quadruple)
  • Viggo Mortensen (To Travel Hopefully)


  • Amanda Tapping (Shhh)
  • Angelina Jolie (Restless Spirit)
  • Emma Thompson (To Walk On Water)
  • Gillian Anderson (Going In Fearless)
  • Julie Andrews (Magnificent)
  • Kate Mulgrew
  • Kate Winslet
  • Reese Witherspoon (Miss Type A)
  • Teryl Rothery (Natural Essence)


  • Cats & Kittens (Purrfect)

Arts and Design

  • Jack Vettriano

Books and Authors

  • Harry Potter Series (Patronus)
  • Jane Austen (Jane)
  • Pride and Prejudice (Misjudgements)

Characters: Book/Movie

  • Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy (Sneer)
  • Harry Potter: Harry Potter (Wizard)
  • Harry Potter: Severus Snape (Shaded Paradox)
  • Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet (Delightful)
  • Pride and Prejudice: Fitzwilliam Darcy (Seriously Smiling)

Characters: TV


  • Hoban 'Wash' Washburne (Large, Semi-muscular Man)
  • Inara Serra (Goddess)
  • Jayne Cobb
  • Kaylee Frye
  • Malcolm Reynolds (Our Mr. Reynolds)
  • Shepherd Book (Just Keep Walking, Preacher Man)
  • Simon Tam (Gifted)
  • Zoe Washburne


  • Claire Bennet (Eternal)
  • Claude Raines (The Invisible Man)
  • Hiro Nakamura (Superhiro)
  • Nathan Petrelli (Shades of Grey)
  • Peter Petrelli (The Borrower)


  • Arthur Pendragon (Royalty of Camelot)
  • Merlin Emrys (Legendary)

Star Trek: Enterprise

  • T'Pol (Sub Commander)
  • Trip Tucker (Southern Charm)

Star Trek: TOS / Reboot

  • Spock (Fascinating Logic)

Star Trek: Voyager

  • B'Elanna Torres (Warrior)
  • Chakotay (Reflection Pool)
  • Emergency Medical Hologram (Personality)
  • Kathryn Janeway
  • Tom Paris (We All Have A Past)
  • Tuvok (Mr. Vulcan)

Stargate Atlantis

  • Aiden Ford (Exuberant)
  • Carson Beckett (Scientific Mind)
  • Elizabeth Weir (Integrity)
  • Evan Lorne (Exceptional)
  • Jennifer Keller (Jennifer)
  • John Sheppard (Speed)
  • Radek Zelenka (Mr. Bad News)
  • Rodney McKay (Mentally Unstable Like a Fox)
  • Ronon Dex (Runner)
  • Teyla Emmagan (Native Beauty)

Stargate SG-1

  • Cameron Mitchell (Leader of the Band)
  • Daniel Jackson (Aster)
  • George Hammond (Hammond of Texas)
  • Jack O'Neill (So Damn Handsome)
  • Janet Fraiser (Napoleonic Powermonger)
  • Jonas Quinn (Our Boy)
  • Sam Carter (Smarter Than You)
  • Teal'c
  • Vala Mal Doran (Wild Card)

The West Wing

  • Charlie Young (Articulate)
  • CJ Cregg (Flamingo)
  • Josh Lyman (The Funny One)
  • Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet (What's Next?)
  • Toby Ziegler (Napalm Yellowstone)

The X-Files

  • Dana Scully (Proving Faith)
  • Fox Mulder (Spooky)

Veronica Mars

  • Keith Mars (Who's Your Daddy?)
  • Veronica Mars (Like A Marshmallow)
  • Wallace Fennel (Accomplice)


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  • Website: LiveJournal
  • Website: W3 Schools


  • Beauty and the Beast (Simply Beautiful)
  • Disney Princesses (Happily Ever After)
  • Mulan (Reflection)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Something Exquisite)
  • The Incredibles (Save The Day)
  • The Lion King



  • 1x03 The Train Job (A Choice)
  • 1x05 Shindig (My Kind of Party)
  • 1x08 Jaynestown (The Nature of Heroes)
  • 1x09 Out of Gas (Deathtrap)
  • 1x10 Ariel (Hands of Blue)
  • 1x15 Objects In Space (Just An Object)

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

  • 5x06 Trials & Tribble-ations (Holy Temporal Explosion)

Star Trek: Voyager

  • 2x25 Resolutions (New Earth)
  • 3x11 The Q and the Grey (Immoral Offer)
  • 3x15 Coda (Memento Mori)
  • 4x03 Day of Honour (Unchecked Emotions)
  • 4x08 & 4x09 Year of Hell
  • 5x12 Bride of Chaotica
  • 7x11 Shattered (Questions You Shouldn't Ask)

Stargate Atlantis

  • 1x01 & 1x02 Rising (Surface)
  • 1x03 Hide and Seek (Count On Me)
  • 1x04 38 Minutes (In Between)
  • 1x10 The Storm & 1x11 The Eye (The Storm)
  • 1x12 The Defiant One (Adversary)
  • 1x13 Hot Zone (Seeing Things)
  • 1x17 Letters From Pegasus (Compression Ratio)
  • 2x02 Intruder (Infected)
  • 2x04 Duet (In Any Sense of the Definition, Not A Couple)
  • 2x06 Trinity (Boom)
  • 2x08 Conversion (Code 1-6)
  • 2x09 Aurora (No Place Like Home)
  • 2x14 Grace Under Pressure (Hallucination)
  • 2x17 Coup D'Etat
  • 2x18 Michael (Inhuman)
  • 2x19 Inferno (Totally Screwed)
  • 3x03 Irresistible
  • 3x08 McKay & Mrs Miller (Astronomical)
  • 3x14 Tao of Rodney (Oh, Wodney!)

Stargate SG-1

  • 1x20 There But For the Grace of God
  • 3x16 Urgo
  • 4x03 Upgrades
  • 4x05 Divide And Conquer
  • 4x06 Window of Opportunity (Carpe Diem)
  • 5x14 48 Hours
  • 6x08 The Other Guys (Hinky)
  • 7x13 Grace (Blowing Bubbles)

The X-Files

  • 1x07 Ice (We Are Not Who We Are)
  • 6x15 Arcadia (Living The American Dream)

Food and Drinks

  • Cake (Delectable Dessert)
  • Carrot Cake (Delicious)
  • Chinese Cuisine (Chopsticks)
  • Chocolate (Luscious)
  • English Tea (Genteel Brew)
  • Indian Cuisine (Colourful Banquet)
  • Lasagne (Yummy in my Tummy)
  • Mayonnaise (The White Stuff)
  • Mexican Food (Absolutamente Delicioso)
  • Paella (Frying Pan)
  • Peppermint Tea (Minty!)
  • Sausages
  • Spring Rolls (Yummy!)
  • Strawberries (Fruity Frutilla)
  • Tea (It's Always Tea-time)
  • Thai Cuisine (Thai Flavour)

Hobbies and Recreation

  • Travelling (Endless Road)


  • 10 Things I Hate About You (Define Normal)
  • Back to the Future Trilogy (History's Gonna Change)
  • Brokeback Mountain (Force of Nature)
  • Casino Royale (You Know My Name)
  • Dirty Dancing (Body and Soul)
  • Ever After (Just Breathe)
  • Galaxy Quest (Never Give Up, Never Surrender)
  • Legally Blonde (Perfect Day)
  • Love Actually (All Around)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Pleasantville (Lover's Lane)
  • Pretty Woman (Fairytale)
  • Serenity (Belief)
  • Stage Beauty (Play the Part)
  • Star Trek VIII: First Contact (Resistance Is Futile)
  • Sweet Home Alabama (Right Where You Left It)
  • The American President (Because She Said Yes)
  • The Fifth Element (Please Help)
  • The Shawshank Redemption (Hope)
  • The Sound of Music (Something Good)
  • Top Gun (Best of the Best)


  • Dire Straits (Brothers In Arms)
  • Josh Groban
  • Male Solo: Michael Buble
  • Matchbox Twenty (Color Portrait World)
  • Sarah McLachlan (Full of Grace)
  • Savage Garden (Intuition)


  • Atheism (No Assumptions)


  • Gerberas (Long and Beautiful)
  • Tulips (Spring Feeling)


  • Canary Islands (Tropical Paradise)
  • England (Dieu et Mon Droit)
  • Europe (Europa)
  • United Kingdom

Relationships: Book/Movie

  • Ever After: Danielle & Henry
  • Harry Potter: Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy (Tension)
  • Harry Potter: Hermione Granger & Severus Snape (No Longer The Student)
  • Harry Potter: Sirius & Remus (Polarities)
  • James T Kirk & Spock (T'hy'la)
  • Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy (First Impression)
  • The Sound of Music: Maria & Georg (Something Good)

Relationships: TV

  • Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys (Sine Qua Non)
  • Firefly: Zoe & Hoban 'Wash' Washburne (Autumn Flower)
  • Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (Blossoming)
  • Helen Magnus & John Druitt (For All Eternity)
  • Star Trek Enterprise: Trip & T'Pol ((In)compatible)
  • Star Trek TNG: Deanna Troi & Will Riker (Imzadi)


  • Hiro Nakamura & Ando Masahashi (To Boldly Go (Like Star Trek))
  • Nathan & Peter Petrelli (The Ties That Bind)

Star Trek: Voyager

  • B'Elanna Torres & Tom Paris (Blood Fever)
  • Kathryn Janeway & Chakotay (More Than Friends)

Stargate Atlantis

  • Rodney McKay & John Sheppard (You're Cool, I'm Fine)
  • Teyla Emmagan & Ronon Dex (Breathless)

Stargate SG-1

  • Jack & Daniel (Go To Your Happy Place)
  • Sam & Jack (Always)
  • Sam & Teal'c (Indeed)
  • Sam & Jonas
  • Sam Carter & Cameron Mitchell (Says You)
  • Sam Carter & Daniel Jackson (I Knew I'd Like You)



TV Shows

  • Battlestar Galactica (Those That Remain)
  • ER (County General)
  • Firefly (Can't Take The Sky)
  • Heroes (Activating Evolution)
  • Lost (Desolate)
  • Merlin (Keep the Magic Secret)
  • QI (Quite Interesting)
  • Sanctuary
  • Smallville (Save Me)
  • Stargate Atlantis (Atlantica)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Season 1 (Bring Your Own ZPM)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Season 3 (Exodus)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Season Two (Time To Regroup)
  • Stargate SG-1
  • The West Wing (God Bless America)
  • The X-Files (The Truth Is Out There)
  • Top Gear (The Cutting Edge of Cocking About)
  • Veronica Mars


  • Spooks