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All In A Day's Work
Sam is mistaken for a prostitute and Cam has to rescue her.
PG-13 .. Sam/Cameron, Humour .. 3391 words .. 26th December 2006
This was written for control_freak80 for the Stargate Rare Pairings Ficathon.

Proper Attire
"I quite like it." She was checking out his ass, he could see her in the mirror.
PG .. Sam/Cameron, Humour .. 219 words .. 22nd September 2006

Man and Wife
If Cam had realised he'd be married by the end of the day, he would have made a bit more effort with his hair that morning.
PG .. Sam/Cameron, Humour .. 200 words .. 21st September 2006

Ladies' Man
"You always react like that when women throw themselves at you?"
PG .. Sam/Cameron, Humour .. 250 words .. 21st September 2006

SG-1 Drabbles
My collection of Stargate SG-1 drabbles.
PG .. Sam/Jack, Gen .. 300 words .. 11th October 1999 - 20th October 2001

The Bored Virus
Jack gets a virus.
PG .. Sam/Jack .. 980 words .. 6th November 1999

Tin Woman
A coda to Tin Man. What happened to the team left behind.
PG .. Sam/Jack, Mild Angst .. 1679 words .. 20th July 1999

Happy Birthday, Jack
It's Jack's birthday and SG-1 have an impromptu party.
PG-13 .. Sam/Jack .. 849 words .. March 1999

The temperature rises and everyone loses their inhibitions. A response to the samandjack Shirtless challenge.
PG-13 .. Sam/Jack .. 3158 words .. March 1999

There's No Rush
My response to the challenge: What happened on P3X595? - Sam and Jack have a talk.
PG-13 .. Sam/Jack .. 1103 words .. January 1999

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