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So This Is Christmas
Christmas at war, but what are they fighting for? Part of Draco/Ginny Ficmas 2004.
PG-13 .. Draco/Ginny, angst .. 8534 words .. 23rd December 2004

The Opposite Of Indifference
Harry muses about his history with Draco.
PG .. Harry/Draco friendship .. 1174 words .. 18th September 2004

A Little Bit of Christmas
Christmas at Hogwarts.  No one should have to be alone.  Part of Draco/Ginny Ficmas 2003.
PG-13 .. Draco/Ginny .. 5003 words .. 22nd December 2003

Let it snow.  Written for 15 Minute Ficlet word #32.
PG .. Ginny .. 497 words .. 10th December 2003

Perchance To Dream
Draco is woken in the middle of the night when Harry has a nightmare.
PG-13 .. Harry/Draco, mild angst .. 1999 words .. 15th April 2003

Best Christmas Ever
Christmas chez Weasley. Part of Draco/Ginny Ficmas 2002.
PG-13 .. Draco/Ginny .. 4168 words .. 20th December 2002

Harry Potter Drabbles
My collection of Harry Potter drabbles.
PG .. Snape, Draco/Ginny .. 300 words .. November 18th 2001 - March 26th 2002

The Waiting Game
Ginny waits anxiously for Draco to return home.
PG .. Draco/Ginny, mild angst .. 2865 words .. 22nd March 2002

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